NRL Championship Ring Pays Tribute to Heroes on the Front Line

NRL Championship Ring Pays Tribute to Heroes on the Front Line

The NRL is all geared up to take on the grand finale, as the Panthers take go head to head with the Cats this weekend. At the end of a every rainbow there’s a pot of gold, in this case at the end of a win there’s a diamond.  

The Grand Final premiership ring, made of white gold garnished in diamonds, rubies and sapphires. The ring changes every year and this year there’s something extra special changes in design. 

It’s engraved each side with a fireman handing a football to a nurse to commemorate the good work of our Aussies frontline heroes.  This years NRL ring will carry special significance as the rings pay tribute to Australian heros working on the front line.

With the ghastly bushfires that swept through the country in 2019, now this year’s devastation that’s widespread coronavirus, effecting life as we know it. Setting up many challenges some great and small, however we stand and one nation, one land, were you not as one whole. GO the cats!! 

The NRL 2020 premiership winners will each get a ring paying tribute to firefighters and health staff

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