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Fatigued by the news? Our hosts take you through the happenings that aren’t making headlines, all over the world.

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WEEK 2 – Lachy & Wendy

Episode 10 – Love & Equality for ALL (yes, all)

It’s the final episode of Not the News, and Lachy & Wendy want to spread love and equality all round… including round the animal kingdom!

Episode 9 – Criminals & Caren’s (with a C)

Handsome headshots and things that go *bzzz* in the night?! Sounds like a call for discussion, as Lachy & Wendy tackle a cruel 2020 world.

Episode 8 – The TeddyVille Horror

Lachy & Wendy take a trip up to Central Queensland where “signs” of the town’s soft, fluffy icon have gone missing…

Episode 7 – Cows, Christ & Cool Movies

It’s a Blockbuster episode! Leading stars Lachy & Wendy joined by Homeless Jesus, the Church of the Healthy Body, and golden cows.

Episode 6 – We Love Animals (and tacos)

Check your trampoline! There could be cow having a bounce… New hosts Lachy & Wendy discuss animals on the loose and get a bit spicy with tacos in Iowa.

WEEK 1 – Nikki & Caroline

Episode 5 – The One Where We Stick the Landing

The ladies are at the helm of Not the News for the last time! Tonight — while hacking their way onto the Walkley shortlist — they’re talking Caroline’s path to sainthood, intergalactic fast food and Pennsylvania skin walkers.

Episode 4 – Paywalls All the Way Down

From the deck of the NEXT yacht, the ladies talk justice for killer whales, Brexiting lorry drivers, Andrew Bolt’s Twitter feed, and a retrospective on Michael Leunig’s career.

Episode 3 Our Notes App Apology

The ladies visit the Walmart in Greeley, Colorado to discuss the historiography of dueling, more jobs for bears, torrid Hollywood affairs and Supreme Court Justices: Before They Were Famous.

Episode 2 Big Dumb Birds

On the sophomore episode, it’s political stunts, Loch Ness Monster Watch, Disney Channel drug mules, and those days when you can’t stand your colleagues.

Episode 1 How to Commune Responsibly with Demons

Nikki and Caroline talk spectral charlatanism, Sorkinesque political drama, Bear Patrol, and legs for days.