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It’s the final day of Not the News for Lachy & Wendy, and the highlight of todays’ show is the amount of love that can be found in the animal world.

A pair of mated male penguins in a Dutch zoo were so eager for offspring that they stole an egg from another pair of penguins. 

Two male black-footed African penguins at DierenPark Amersfoort zoo in the Netherlands were recently found incubating a purloined egg. Their nest — holding the stolen egg — was near a nest that belonged to a male and female penguin couple 

Hatching season was already underway for the zoo’s penguin community, and the males likely swiped the egg from their breeding neighbors during “an unguarded moment,” according to the statement. 

According to scientific research , up to 30 percent of penguins may be gay. A study of King Penguins in Antartica showed mainly homosexual rather than Lesbian mating behaviors. Some of the “gay” penguins went on to mate with female penguins, but at rates much lower than other male penguins. Reasons why may include that there were more males than females in the study and the dominance of male sex hormones. “may help to explain non‐reproductive homosexually displaying pairs”. 

Also on the show, new iPhones! Is it worth the upgrade? Should be be preserving history (in particular SUNKEN history), and Sydney’s hidden underground… should we be venturing down there?

Catch up on the final episode of Not The News below!

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