Northern Ireland Celebrates Like it’s New Years Eve as Same-Sex Marriage Law Took Effect at Midnight

Finally, Northern Ireland has caught up with the rest of the UK legalising same-sex marriage. The law came into effect at midnight last night with communities celebrating all over the country with a countdown and same-sex couples getting down on bended-knee.

Amanda Milnes told the BBC “What a day to be gay Northern Ireland. What a day to see history happen. It’s just a phenomenal feeling knowing that I will marry Christina, the love of my life.”

Same-Sex Marriage is legalised in Norther Ireland. Source: The Independent

In such a staunchly Catholic society, it’s a real treat that the marriage equality law passed only six years behind Wales and England the four years after the Republic of Ireland, even if it is late to the party. Although, this is one time that it’s not cool of be fashionably late.

The fight has been a long time coming with opinion polls saying that most of the country were in favour of the bill, in opposition to the wants of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and other social conservatives.

Same-Sex Marriage Rally in Northern Ireland. Source:

Listen to the roars for ellation and countdown to midnight that erupted in Belfast below. Cam and Danes celebrated this win on the show today: