No Resume? No Reference? No Problem!

Ever struggled finding employment? Well we’ve got good news!

If you’re looking for casual work, you don’t need a resume, references, you don’t even need a background check.

At The Body Shop – you’ll just be asked three simple questions:

  1. Are you legally authorised to work in Australia?
  2. Can you lift up to 11 kilos and work an 8 hour shift?
  3. Are you happy to work with customers?

It’s one of the first major retailers to adopt an approach called open hiring which is targeted at people who have traditionally faced barriers to employment such as the homeless, single parents, young carers and first nations Australians.

The Body Shop’s Brand and Activism Director, Shannon Chrisp (Pictured above) says “so many people haven’t had opportunities… we really want our stores to be diverse & inclusive… we want people to come into our stores and feel represented.

The body shop has been doing open hiring over in the states for 3 years and is also rolling it out in Canada and the UK.

For the first time in Australia, they will hire 380 Christmas causals across the country using this new method.

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