No Bones Day?

If you’ve been on TikTok in the last few weeks, you’ve probably seen someone some sort of reference to “Bones Day” or “No Bones Day”.

Jonathan Graziano is a 30-year-old from New York who every day, records his 13-year-old pug Noodle when he wakes up to see if he’ll get out of bed in the morning. Whether he gets up or not is meant to determine the mood of the day.

@jongraz happy Monday from Grandma’s house! 🦴🔮🦴 #bonesday #nobones #mondaymotivation #pug #noodletok ♬ original sound – Jonathan

If Noodle stands up and can get out of bed, it’s a Bones Day. On a Bones Day, you should have the energy to chase after your goals and complete tasks you’ve been putting off. It’s also a day to celebrate and treat yourself.

If Noodle can’t stand up, it’s a No Bones Day. On a No Bones Day, you, like Noodle, have “no bones” in your body to function. On these days, Graziano basically gives you permission to put off tasks, wear comfy clothes, call in sick, and practice some self-care.

@maya2960 They’ll never get it 😭#bonesday #nobones #noodlethepug @jongraz #nobonesday ♬ original sound – Maya

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