Nightly Music Show Launches Tonight!

Helping you make it through he night- Nights on Next with Jayce Flaxman starts tonight at 7PM

An all new 24/7 radio station deserves an all new approach to music.

“NEXT” transmits all around the country via the iHeart radio app, and is ready to take on Sydney’s big network stations. Yet, unlike the heavyweight commercial stations, NEXT isn’t going to flog the new stuff and forget the classics.

Not only does NEXT mix it up 24/7, but this new radio station features 2 music shows throughout the day.

Co-Music director Jayce Flaxman will host the Nights Music show from 7-9 PM. These 2 hours will feature everything from Drake to Amy Shark, The Superjesus to The Hilltop Hoods, and from Gang of Youths to Blink 182.

“I am really excited to be presenting this nights show for everyone to enjoy” says Jayce.

Jayce Flaxman is part of the NEXT team and has presented a wide variety of music shows from classic Aussie albums to American Outlaw Country to Alternative Sydney- based artists.

Features of this show will include “guess the year of the hit”, and a top ten countdown of the best concerts in Sydney of 2019 so far.