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Famous potato on a stick

Twista Bro’s is a well-known mobile food truck and Australia’s favourite fried potato on a stick. Established 2016, Twista Bro’s have attended thousands of festivals, markets and events as well as catered for all types of private events in Sydney and Melbourne.  

As we know, COVID-19 has changed the way we live; it’s effected the world we know and dramatically changed our daily lives.  For many Australians the impact has been catastrophic, pushing their once modest businesses into the brink of shut down.   

One Aussie business, Twista Bro’s is spiralling things upwards and making the best out of a bad situation work to their advantage, with the added addition of “Australia’s funniest gift box” and they’re selling like hot potatoes.    

With its giant range of novelty boxes to choose from, including chocolate, lollies and even an alcoholic night cap, you can get your beloved furry friend or a loved one the perfect isolation gift to cheer up their day.  

This novelty gift box has found its way into thousands of Australian homes and hearts. Why? Because Twista Bro’s are offering the opportunity to have your favourite picture printed onto a potato. Yes, you heard right! Your head on a potato, simply to spread the love and turn that frown upside down.  

With strict lockdown rules and 5km restrictions put in place, Twista Bro’s quickly saw themselves sinking into obliteration. That’s when the mastermind behind Twista Bro’s, founder Musti had an idea. With nothing much else to lose and all the time in the world to spare, Musti courageously stepped out of his comfort zone and took on the inevitable, to move the “food tuck industry” online.   

How could this be possible in an industry that relies solely on social events? Indeed, the hospitality industry was hard hit as everything and everyone first went into lockdown.  

While Musti’s business was in strife he saw many of his fellow food truck operators in the same boat. As the depression and anxiety set in, he seized the opportunity to keep things afloat by bring joy and laughter to those less fortunate than himself in the darkest days.   

An initiative that was planned to be a short-term novelty has turned into a thriving business venture with orders of up to 5000 per month. Social media posts going viral have only encouraged sales, this is a turnaround success story that will forever keep Australia smiling with joy. You just never know when your face will be printed onto a potato and posted to you.  

Twista Bro’s secret battered potatoes on a stick aren’t going anywhere to soon and promises to be back in when gatherings and community events become a fixture of life once again. Aussies will soon be able to indulge in a mouth-watering halloumi cheese and delicious seasoned loaded fries with ten choices of salts to choose from, so delicious you’ll go back for seconds.  

Lifeline provides confidential crisis support that is accessible 24 hours a day. It encourages any person in Australia who is contemplating suicide, experiencing emotional distress, or caring for someone in crisis to call or text Lifeline 13 11 14 

In this Crushin It episode we get a glimpse into Australia’s Funniest “isolation” gift box thanks to master minds Twista Bro’s, better known for their famous spiral potato on a stick. 

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