NEXT is Going on the Road to the Port Macquarie Beer and Cider Festival!

This morning on Cam & Danes, the guys confirmed that they would be taking their ‘Friend-trip’ to the Port Macquarie Beer and Cider Festival!

After throwing it out to you guys, it was decided by vote that this would be the destination for the trip, taking place on Saturday the 16th of November.

A little taste of what’s to come this year at the Port Macquarie Beer and Cider Festival!

Event organiser Lee Wood said the Port Macquarie community is jumping out of their skin to see the event come back to town.

“It’s by popular demand that we’ve got this event back, the locals here in the region are crying out for the local food and beverage sort of events” he said about the feel around the community.

“We’ve got loads of local and national brewers…really great local food markets…lots of great activities for the kids and if you’re feeling a bit strong, we’ve got the keg toss as well which is always a great turnout”.

Missed any Friend-trip updates? Tune in to the Cam & Danes Catch Up Podcast to stay up to date!

Hear the full interview with Lee Wood below:

Cam & Danes’ interview with Port Macquarie Beer and Cider Festival organiser Lee Wood.

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