Music Lessons Cancelled in Victorian Schools

Kids in Victoria returned to school again this week after enduring the longest period of remote learning in the world. This week marks their third first week of school this year alone.

Hopefully things are smooth sailing for Victorian students for the rest of the year but there’s been backlash from music teachers in the state because Premier Daniel Andrews announced yesterday that while some music lessons would continue, anything classes that involved, brass, woodwind or singing would not be permitted to run. This is due to the COVID-19 being able to spread through aerosol and water droplets that could occur when playing these instruments.

Teachers have appealed to Daniel Andrews to overturn the ban, arguing music classes should go ahead with appropriate social distancing, as they are worried that this time away from the instruments and classes would cause students to quit lessons. They also believe that lessons will be beneficial for mental health of students, which is a focus for the Victorian government.

Haylee was joined by Afternoons announcer Lachy to share their thoughts on the topic.

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