Millennial’s ‘Stimulating’ The Economy

EDITORS NOTE: Graphic content / This photo taken on October 14, 2020 shows manager Li Hong in front of a display of sex toys at her sex store in Beijing. - Demand for sex toys is increasing in China, the world's biggest exporter of bedroom aids, partly thanks to the coronavirus and also a product of a wider cultural shift in attitudes towards sex by a younger and more open-minded demographic. (Photo by GREG BAKER / AFP) / TO GO WITH China-culture-economy-sex-health-virus,FOCUS by Laurie CHEN

The adult toy market is worth a HUGE $15 billion, and covid has helped the industry rise during COVID-19.

The taboo surrounding sex toys has significantly reduced in western culture, although you still wanted to be caught in one by your boss.

During lock-down global exports of pleasure tools have jumped 50%, the majority being vibrators and surprising to me, sex dolls.

The manager of Adult Products Co. in Shengyi says “we export more than one thousand lifelike sex dolls per month, we’ve reach full production capacity”

US, Germany and Japan are major destinations for the dolls apparently, which by the way, sell for as much as $300 each.

China the largest exporter of sex toys, around 70%, has saw a significant increase in sex toy sales domestically – ironically China is traditionally a conservative country, with strict internet policy surrounding pornography and “vulgar” content.

To learn more and hear Jays opinion on sex toys listen below:

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