Microsoft Teams Is Launching Virtual Reality Avatars

Microsoft is planning on launching immersive meeting spaces on their platforms aimed at providing a fully virtual experience on their platforms.

Teams has been making moves to update their meeting platform since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. They introduced Together Mode, which allowed people in meetings to rearrange themselves into auditoriums and classrooms, with digital avatars able to express reactions and emotions. The move was made in an attempt to combat zoom fatigue, and relieve the amount of time spent on camera.

Together Mode on Microsoft Teams allows for avatars to react and respond with pre set emotions

The new virtual reality systems aims to create fully immersive worlds where people will be able to walk around and interact with other people using fully rendered 3D models.

This move comes after Facebook’s announcement regarding developing a ‘meta-verse’, aimed at creating a fully digital world for people to interact in.

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