Tyler-Claire Thompson

Tyler is a radio enthusiast and music nerd with a loud, clumsy personality to match.  

Originally from Goulburn, Tyler now calls the South Coast her home, and truly believes that saltwater and live music is her sanity.  

The radio bug people talk about but Tyler at a young age, and she discovered that if radio & Australian music had a baby, she would embody its harmonious wonders in every way, shape and form. She lacks the angelic voice to match but won’t shy away from at least having a go.  

Tyler is deeply passionate about live music, Australian music, or any genre of music she can possibly wrap her ears around. When you don’t hear her hosting Brunch on NEXT FM nerding out over local & international music & artists, you’re likely to see her lurking around the Enmore Theatre & Newtown train station scouting new musical talent. 

Join Tyler from10am – 12pm each day to get your daily dose of brand new tunes & music news.

Tyler’s articles:

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