Nathan Letts

Radio Radio Radio, Nathan has never wanted to do anything else. 

He just finished a gig as the host of “Party Hits”, Star 104.5’s Saturday night music show. Time spent at the ABC has given him extensive experience in producing news and current affairs content, as well as writing news bulletins.  

A huge sports fan, Nathan has a deep love of playing and listening to music. He has studied the Advanced Diploma of Radio Essentials at AFTRS, as well as has a Diploma in Sound Production, along with hosting breakfast shows on several community radio stations. 

During the AFTRS Radios broadcast, 2RS, he was on air twelve days straight, an experience which only reinforced his love for creating content whilst having a good time on air. 

With a love of working in teams, Nathan aspires to be part of a Breakfast or Drive team on commercial radio. 

Nathan’s articles: