Dana Hamilton

Dana is a Melbourne-born radio announcer at NEW FM 105.3, in Newcastle. A producer and digital content creator,she has a flare for the theatrical and passion for the left-of-centre. Her desire to share stories to educate and entertain has lead her from the stage to sitting comfortably behind the mic.  

She knows how to get her point across, as she has spent time teaching English in Cambodia. She thrived studying French and Theatre at Warwick University in the UK. After deciding neither field ignited her creative thirst like audio did, she started working in community radio at SYN in Melbourne.  

For the NEXT broadcast she took on the role of Content Director in the pre-build phase and will be co-hosting the Breakfast Show during broadcast.

When she’s not in the studio, she enjoys getting out of the city, particularly if there is a waterfall to see of a hike to be done.

Dana’s articles: