Cameron Hilder

Harley Breen once said: “Not everything’s funny…but there is funny in everything”. When it comes to Cam, he might as well get this tattooed on his wrist in an inspirational cursive italic font with some doves flying around it, as it perfectly sums up his outlook on life.  

When he’s not annoying people with poor observational humour, Cam is consumed by entertainment. He constantly stays up-to-date with Australian sport, which of his favourite artists have new music coming out, and even which celebrity said what about who on Instagram. It’s this passion that eventually steered him towards radio, getting his start on the street team at i98FM in Wollongong. 

Currently, Cam is working as a panel operator at NOVA 96.9 and studying the Graduate Diploma in Radio at the Australian Film Television and Radio School. This year, he is working towards a workday announcing role at a commercial radio station, where he can try to be funny, talk about his love for music and entertainment – and get paid to do it! 

Cam’s articles: