Meet The Team

About the Team, about NEXT

Content Director

The cat’s mother


Renelle is responsible for wrangling the talent, which is a bit like herding cats… in a thunderstorm.

News Team

Nathan and Natal
Wear glasses cos smart is sexy


Nathan has all your news-needs covered from 3pm, plus a closer look at the headlines in the Daily Download.


Natal is a news hound, dedicated to keeping you up to date from 7am, with a deep dive into the top stories during the Morning Upload.

Music Directors

Cooler than you


Our music guru, Tyler will have you shouting “What a track!” with her carefully curated playlist.

The kind you take home to momma


Our resident wood-chopper whose dulcet tones will see you through the night.

Podcast Producers

Nial and Rhi
Stole those headphones


Our master storyteller who can match a perfect soundscape to any story.


Rhi is like an onion… she has many layers, just like her audio.

Breakfast Announcers

Cam and Danes
Still can’t surf


Cam is fun-loving and adventurous, and he’s a fantastic Wing Attack… here if you need!


Better than a berocca… Bright and bubbly, Danes will inject your morning with the energy to get you through the day.

Breakfast Producer

Fun fact: also invented twerking


Chris is producing Breakfast with Cam and Danes and is so excited that he just can’t hide it.  

Afternoons Announcer

Patty D
“Oh sorry, I didn’t see you there”

Patty D

Announcer and future punchline on The Project.

Drive Announcers

Mille, Greg and Lettsy
Took 769 goes to get it right


Millie is an Announcer and Panel Operator on the Drive show and is looking forward to bringing the fun and laughter to the boys!  

She is also producing the podcast series “What It Takes To Be A Man” which supports men as they face the challenges of today. 


Greg is the physical embodiment of that little devil on your shoulder, telling you to put blue hair dye in your sister’s shampoo. Try not to be offended by anything he says, he doesn’t mean it personally, and it’s probably your fault anyway.


One of the chillest blokes you’ll meet, Lettsy is a sports-loving larrikin always down for a beer and a laugh.

Drive Producer

Best thing since sliced bread


Known for her loud sneezes and ability to never shut up, Brooke brings crazy content and classic stich ups to the drive team as a producer.