Meet The Team

Jenna D’Apice

Jenna is a lover of all things pop culture, celebrity gossip, music, podcasts, Netflix and cooking. She is currently completing the Graduate Diploma of Radio at AFTRS and hopes to grow this love of great content into a career in commercial radio.  

At University, she completed a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Media Communications Studies. She loved the lifestyle that studying brought and used this to her advantage to travel the world, participating in student exchange programs studying Marketing in Nebraska, USA and International Human Rights Law in Brno, Czech Republic. Through volunteer programs in Kenya, and closer to home in the Northern Territory, she gained perspective and confidence.  

In 2016, she found Nova Entertainment and fell in love with the radio industry through a job in the sales team. She has also worked on the smooth FM Breakfast show as a casual producer. 

Nikki Sitch

Nikki’s passion for radio and podcasting comes from a fascination with homegrown stories. She considers aural mediums a fantastic means of honouring Australia’s oral storytelling tradition. In 2019 Nikki completed a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in English and Creative Writing from Melbourne University where she was exposed to a swathe of seminal local authors including Chloe Hooper, Maria Tumarakin, Robert Drewe, Tim Winton and Helen Garner. Through their writing, she learnt to value the Australian condition as a worthy literary and artistic subject. 

Having recently emerged from the laneways and underground eateries of Melbourne, Nikki is very much a product of her upbringing: a coffee snob who holds the secret to a banging negroni (a nip of limoncello). In her spare time, she can be caught reverse-engineering podcasts in a bid to determine how and why she was moved by them. 

Nikki also loves the beach. She certainly misses life in the cultural capital, but the throngs of shirtless backpackers that populate her Sydney neighbourhood are helping with the adjustment.   

Sam Glissan

Sam Glissan is a journalist, podcast creator and actor with a keen interest in all things uniquely Australian. After studying journalism at UNSW, Sam chose to refine his media skills and embarked on the wonderful journey that is studying at AFTRS.  

Sam has trained and worked as an actor both domestically and internationally. In his spare time, he enjoys trying new places to eat, paying his rent on time, and spending time with his cat Spooky Jim. 

After completing the Advanced Diploma in Radio Essentials at AFTRS in 2018, Sam began his studies in the two-year Graduate Diploma of Radio part-time in 2019. After graduation Sam hopes to develop a media platform to promote stories of hope. 

Lachlan Perry

Lachlan is an aspiring radio announcer and music director. Whilst completing his Bachelor in Sound and Music Design at UTS, Lachlan discovered his passion for radio whilst volunteering as a producer and content editor at 2SER 107.3. He has since worked as an editor for 2RPH and started his own web series. He is currently studying the Graduate Diploma in Radio at AFTRS. 

Lachlan has long had a passion for music and storytelling, performing in amateur theatre productions and playing music most of his life. He enjoys talking anything music and is a quiet music critique. In his spare time, Lachlan enjoys hiking, writing music, and consuming all the Netflix possible! 

Rob Nice

After moving from the UK at the age of 5, Rob has lived most of his life in Western Australia where he spent about 7 years working as an electrician, before taking the leap to follow his dream to get into radio. 

Rob developed his passion for radio as a kid in bed listening to the Hot 30 countdown on Sunday’s nights. Although he was meant to be asleep, he never dropped off until the Number 1 song had been announced. 

After a short stint volunteering with OX radio in Sydney, Rob worked in casual role on KIIS FM with the Kyle and Jackie O Show team, and The Thinker Girls…..Now it’s time to build on that early experience and develop his skills to the highest standard in the 2020 Graduate Diploma Radio at AFTRS. 

In his spare time, Rob loves watching his beloved Liverpool FC, bingeing Marvel movies, and if the weather is nice, getting out and enjoying Sydney’s beaches, national parks, and pools. 

Dan McKenzie

Dan is an education professional working to create equal access and opportunities for students. This role has seen him working across  university programs in NSW to help students from diverse backgrounds enjoy their education.  

Hoping to one day work in the radio industry, he is currently studying at AFTRS where he will gain the knowledge and practical skills to secure this future.  

When he isn’t working, he travels as often as he can to the South Coast, where he grew up. Here he blends his love of country and sea with hiking, surfing, camping and diving. His deep respect for the natural world has piqued his interest in the areas of conservation and natural health, topics he can talk about with great enthusiasm.   

Dan spent close to 3 years living abroad and travelling Latin America and Europe, absorbing cultures, customs and cuisines. He learnt quickly that he may not be considered attractive in every culture, but that a good sense of humor is universal. 

Ben Schonell

Ben has had a lifelong dream to become a radio announcer. He is presently working towards completing the Graduate Diploma in Radio at AFTRS.  Ben fell in love with radio at a young age. He grew up listening to stations like WSFM and 2Day FM. He often listened to Ron E. Sparks who became one of his many idols. 

He has been an announcer on radio since the age of 16. His first show was on Youth Juke Box at 2RRR located in Ryde. Ben recently wrote and produced a podcast series featuring the lives of old rockers. He has an extensive knowledge of music and artists stretching back to the 70s and 80s. He’s always on the lookout for interesting facts about artists and their music that will blow peoples minds. 

In his downtime, Ben listens to all kinds of music, watches movies and loves reading graphic novels. He can challenge you on any facts about any 80s band, and he is often heard complaining that music and radio needs to be more like it was back in that era. 

Haylee Potts

Hailing from Wagga Wagga, Haylee spent her childhood in and out of regional radio stations, where her Dad works as an announcer. Though it was staring her in the face, she did not consider radio a career option until taking a radio subject during her journalism studies at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. From that day on, Haylee has focused all of her energy into following her radio dreams. 

Haylee got her start on the Southern Cross Austereo Riverina street team where she became a master of the outside broadcast BBQ. Haylee worked her way up the ranks to become a casual announcer, even hosting the Hit 93.1 breakfast show upon occasion. She is now currently studying the Graduate Diploma of Radio course at AFTRS. 

Jay Gasser

Jay is an aspiring radio announcer. He first fell in love with radio listening to his local station i98fm, where he would often run late to school because he wanted to catch the end of a hilarious segment and wouldn’t get out of the car. 

Years later Jay found himself looking to pursue a career in the media. Through a radio intensive short course at AFTRS in 2019 Jay once again fell in love with radio but this time as a radio maker. Following that short course Jay started to work at the very station he grew up listening to, i98fm. After receiving a Diploma of Screen and Media at TAFE, Jay was accepted into AFTRS to study the Graduate Diploma in Radio. 

During Jay’s studies at AFTRS he has found a love for creating podcasts, fiction and non-fiction. He enjoys creating audio soundscapes and immersive storytelling.

Daniel Bingham

Daniel has a background in community theatre and a degree in creative writing from Macquarie University, so he’s used to people not taking him seriously. Growing up listening to his parents’ old records, he developed a passion for musical icons of the 60’s and 70’s like Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin and Frank Zappa, and this love of music eventually led him to the stage as an actor in musical and classic theatre. While at university Daniel worked in liquor stores to pay the bills, leaving him with a keen interest in craft beers and micro-distillers and the ability to talk your ear off about the difference between single-malt and blended whiskey. 

In 2019, Daniel took a short course at AFTRS and fell in love with the school. Seeing the potential radio and podcasting offered for him as a writer, he applied for full time study immediately and has never looked back. He’s currently living in Kensington while studying with his partner Hannah and houseplant Silvio. 

Wendy Searle

Wendy is a writer, journalist and speaker. She loves how audio storytelling reveals nuanced, intimate and often complex truths about our world while providing a diverse range of people a voice, often for the first time. Wendy hosts the Home Truths Podcast on SCA’s PodcastOne Australia where people share with her their extraordinary life stories. She also narrates on-line learning programmes.  

Wendy has written and presented for ABC Radio National and freelances for national and international magazines. She has a fine line in shoes and handbags, having extensive corporate experience in Europe and Australia. Before enrolling in Radio, Wendy completed a series of short courses at AFTRS including Podcast Intensive and Writing Comedy with Tim Ferguson, who told her that she is now theoretically funny.  

The Graduate Diploma opens up the magical world of radio to Wendy and she’s keen to learn the nuts and bolts of production and presenting so she has the skills required to make seriously good audio, to brief and on budget. Wendy would love to work as an announcer or as an audio storyteller of Australian stories, producing her own fiction and non-fiction content and also fresh and exciting content for clients. 

Romy Sher

Romy is music lover, outdoor enthusiast, avid traveller, and passionate about all things radio. 

She discovered a love for storytelling during her first radio course as a part of her Bachelor of Arts Media at Macquarie University. Since then Romy has produced several short narrative radio documentaries for classes, FBi radio, and as a part of a Transom short storytelling workshop in Michigan. She has also presented on air on 2Ser and as a co-host of a weekly music programming show on WSUM Madison (as part of a semester exchange in Wisconsin), completed an internship with the Audiocraft podcast festival, and volunteered at the Australian Podcast Awards interviewing attendees and producing a post-show package. 

When she’s not listening to podcasts (or often at the same time), Romy can be found hiking, camping, playing or listening to music, tackling crosswords, and binging the odd Netflix series or two. 

Bertie Fagan

Bertie is a fun-loving, nature loving , father of a 5 year-old boy whom he adores. He is an advocate for the environment and his main passions in life are surfing and spirituality. 

He likes to think that he doesn’t t take life too seriously, and always enjoys joking around. He practiced as a criminal lawyer for ten years, but before getting into the  law, Bertie studied Media Production at Charles Sturt University and this is where he first delved into the medium of radio. He was an announcer on Community Radio Station 2MCE-FM for many years, then in Sydney on 2RDJ-FM and he’s also worked for a commercial radio station in Port Macquarie. 

Whilst Bertie enjoyed working in the law, his first love has always been radio and he hopes to find his voice as a commercial radio announcer after completing the Graduate Diploma in Radio at AFTRS in 2020. 

Brooke Sheehan

Brooke is an Australian actress and voice over artist. She recently had the pleasure of working for Hot100fm in the Northern Territory where she formed a deep passion for radio in live broadcasting and public event hosting.  

Brooke hails from sunny Darwin and began an active modelling career at the age of 10, landing her work in the US and throughout Asia. She then relocated to Sydney to study acting under the greats Eric Thompson and Terri Serio acting for film/TV, and then with Sandra-Lea Patterson, who put Brooke up for her first TV roll on the popular hit Channel Seven show Packed to The Rafters

In 2018 she headed back to Darwin and landed a job hosing her own live radio show Saturday Mornings with Brooke.  It prompted her to audition of AFTRS 2020. 

“The challenges are plenty, but I’m loving every minute of being able to expand and critique my skills in a safe and creative learning space.” 

Caroline Wagner

There was a radio in every room of the house where Caroline grew up, and while studying journalism at the University of Technology, Sydney she began working at 2SER. Caroline started on the Monday Daily team, which she was soon leading as executive producer, and then it was on to the newsroom and The Wire, 2SER’s flagship current affairs program. 

Caroline is an emerging writer, and in 2020 she won the Iceland Writers Retreat Writing Competition and had her work included in the UTS Writers’ Anthology. 

She hopes to combine these passions, and is currently studying a Graduate Diploma in Radio at AFTRS.