Maccas Ends All-Day Breakfast

The unthinkable has happened! McDonald’s has confirmed that is has discontinued its all-day breakfast menu in all their restaurants.

Maccas will now only be serving its breakfast items from 4am to midday.

In a statement to media outlets, a spokesperson for the fast-food chain said they understand if customers are disappointed at the news.

“By adjusting our all-day breakfast schedule, we hope to reduce the amount of time our customers need to wait for other items during the afternoon and evening rush” the statement said.

“While we understand a number off customers will be disappointed, our breakfast menu will continue to be available in restaurants until midday every day.”

All-Day breakfast was first introduced in 2015 and immediately became popular. Customers are very upset at the change and have voiced their frustrations on social media.

To everyone’s relief, Maccas has informed its customers that you are still able to purchase Hash Browns at any time of the day.

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