Pick You Up At 6

Simply The West

What is it about? – “Pick you up at 6″ is a deep dive into the best night out for young people in Western Sydney. Various themes can run throughout the podcast (e.g. arts, music, food, culture, entertainment, adventure) up to the discretion of the podcast producer. The aim of the podcast is to educate listeners as to the hidden gems in their backyard, inspire them to venture out after lockdown and discover the west. As well as provide lesser known facts about the area.

What is it about? – Some of the most noteworthy Australians have grown up in Western Sydney. Former Australian CricketCaptain Michael Clarke (Liverpool), Actress Rebel Wilson (Parramatta) and Artist Delta Goodrem (BaulkhamHills) all had their starts in Sydney’s West. This podcast will interview young Western Sydney locals who are carving their path to success.