Let’s Get Ready To Rumble: IRON MIKE IS BACK

Perhaps no heavyweight boxer has ever captured the admiration of sports fans quite as much as Mike Tyson. Emerging on the scene in the mid 1980’s, Tyson completely destroyed any competitor that dared get in the ring with him. A powerhouse of a fighter, with a left hook that would stop a horse, Iron Mike as he became known, still holds the record for the youngest person ever to win the heavyweight title at the age of 20.

He won his first 21 fights , 20 by KO.

Growing up in poverty on the streets on Brooklyn, New York, he had been arrested by the Police 30 times by the age of 13. His tough upbringing helped shape his fighting style. Growing up shorter than most he learnt to duck and weave and developed a killer instinct in battle.

He has spent time in jail, starred in Hollywoood movies, and gone onto create now, several successful businesses. But it is his fighting that he will always be known for. And for those praying to see him in the ring again, your prayers have finally been answered.

He takes on fellow former boxing star Roy Jones Jnr, who himself is a former champion. Both boxers are in their early 50’s, and some have expressed concern and outrage that this bout has been allowed to take place. It is scheduled for 28 November in California, over the Thanksgiving Weekend.

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