Leave Gladys Alone – An Opinion Piece

The biggest news story of the week so far surrounds the current ICAC inquiry into disgraced Wagga Wagga MP Daryl Maguire for allegedly using his political influence in business deals. Yesterday it was revealed that Maguire had a ‘close personal relationship’ with our NSW premier Gladys Berekejiklian for about 5 years, with their last contact only about a month ago.

I grew up in Wagga and I’m very proud of my home town. Daryl Maguire was our local MP for nearly 20 years before he was made to resign in 2018. The duration of his tenure as MP was long due to the fact that he seemed genuine, trustworthy and like he was putting the needs of our region before anything else. So it’s disappointing so see all that is coming out about him, but it goes without saying that this relationship with the NSW Premier is the craziest story so far.

There’s been calls for Berejiklian to resign over this conflict of interest but she is standing her ground, and refusing to resign. And I support her.

I understand that when you go into politics or another high profile job, you unwillingly lose the right to your personal life because you spend a lot of time in the public eye.

But how was she to know what he was doing? We can’t control what other people do. We also don’t really know exactly what is going on with other people, even people we’re in a relationship with. The point is, we just don’t know. And Gladys claims that she didn’t know what he was doing.

It’s just not fair, that she now has her personal life plastered up around the country for all to see. Her own family wasn’t even aware this relationship, that’s how private this was. Gladys has always been a vault on her private life, and that’s because she deserves just that, a PRIVATE life.

No one wins in this situation. The public is let down, Gladys is let down, no one is a wins. But the premier doesn’t need to resign over this.

But importantly, at the moment we need her. We’re in a global pandemic. She is preventing a second wave in our state, trying to avoid what happened in VIC and that could’ve happened here. Ruby princess aside, she’s been doing a really great job at protecting us and still letting us have freedom.

So leave the woman alone. She doesn’t need this stress. She made a bad choice but she is clearly remorseful. Leave her be. Focus on yourselves.


  1. Agreed. There’s a lot of smoke here, but no fire. She’s a single woman not a nun married to the State. And she’s handling herself with dignity – as always. I’d curl up in a ball and eat chocolate.

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