Last Day For Squid Game IRL

Throw on your green tracksuit and get ready to play Squid Game for real in Sydney.

The Rocks is currently home to the 4.5-metre, three-tonne recreation of Squid Game‘s eerie animatronic figure with laser eyes (to our knowledge, this one comes without the pew pew).

If you’ve seen the hit South Korean Netflix series, you’ll know why this absolute unit is both exciting and a little anxiety-inducing. Here for Halloween, it’s the last day you can play the game in real life at Circular Quay W, The Rocks. And yes, the doll literally turns its head around.

If you haven’t seen the series, remember the game Red Light, Green Light? That’s our Aussie version of a South Korean childhood game, and Squid Game is all about taking those playground memories and making them a little bit eerie – You can definitely join in the fun and play this too.

So get your swiftest white runners on… let’s play.

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