Kmart Has Betrayed Us – The Love Affair May Be Over…

A bath bomb has stained a little girls skin green

Kmart has been Australia’s trusted go-to store for all thing niche and decorative.

But has our love affair with the retailer finally come to a tragic end?

A woman was HORRIFIED when she discovered a make-it yourself bath bomb had stained her daughters’ skin green.

Sydney woman, Kerri Sackville purchased the $15 unicorn themed bath bomb as a fun holiday activity.

Little did she know the terror that was to come.

After constructing the bath bomb, her daughter went for a dip, only to call out a short while later. Her mother rushed in to find from her chin to her toes, her daughter had been stained a slimy green.

It took 72 hours and two showers later to remove the green colour from her child’s skin.

While the green has been washed away from all, but the bathroom grout, the distrust in the beloved retailer sadly still remains.