Kendal Takes You Back, Old Skool Style

An’ it goes a little somethin’ like this……………..

Remember the times on the train sharing your headphones with your best friend? One ear bud each, grooving away to your favourite songs? Both of you swooning over Nelly’s six pack or how hot Andre 3000 is? Remember that excursion with the whole bus load of kids bugging out to their fav hip hops hits, singing their lungs out?

For this week only, Kendal dusts off her favourite hip hops hits from the 80’s onwards, and rewinds the clock taking you back to the best of your teenage years from Missy Elliott to Coolio. Public Enemy to Run DMC you’ll be grooving in your daks no matter what.

Whether you dig your hip hop hard a fast or smooth and chilled Old Skool Nights has got your hip hop vibes covered this week, Monday and Tuesday only 6 – 8pm on NEXT.

Chill out in your lounge room with a beverage and some of the finest hand picked hip hop hits

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