James Tedesco under investigation for racial slur

The NRL is set to launch an investigation involving NSW Blues Captain and Sydney Roosters fullback James Tedesco.

Tiffany Trinh, a 20-year old woman of Vietnamese descent, alleges that Tedesco yelled “Squid Games”; a reference to the Korean Netflix series, at her outside the Beach Road Hotel in Bondi.

Trinh is in the process of launching a formal complaint to the NRL, saying that she feels the joke “was about her race”.

The Roosters have completed their own internal investigation and have concluded that the incident was simply a matter of miscommunication.

The club has stated Tedesco was discussing the show with his teammates in close proximity to Trinh who overheard the conversation.

Trinh disagrees with the Roosters’ statement, saying she was approached by Tedesco when he made the remark.

The NRL has now involved the integrity unit which investigates all complaints that are brought to it. Trinh confirmed on Sunday that and NRL official had contacted her about the incident.

“I just want the incident to be acknowledged” Trinh said.

“[I want] him to be held accountable for his words and actions.”

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