It’s Never Too Late to Learn New Tech – Ask Jennifer Aniston!

We’ve all had that experience with a parent or another elder relative where they’ve asked ‘so, how do I use Facebook?’

It’s a dreaded conversation, because most of the time you both come out of the conversation having taken nothing away; they still don’t know how to use it, and you are drained from over-explaining what you understand to be simple.

One superstar proving all our relatives wrong, is Jennifer Aniston.

The 50-year-old created her own Instagram account, crashing the site after posting a selfie with the former cast of Friends – proving to everyone that you’re never to old to learn new technology!

This isn’t the first illustration of this, with Will Smith creating an Instagram account whilst appearing on the Ellen Degeneres show. Smith uses his account to create and share quirky videos, and has 38.9 million followers.

So next time your at a family lunch and your Aunty asks you how to use Instagram, use Jennifer Aniston and Will Smith to get them off your case!

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