It ain’t where you’re from, it’s where you’re at!

A new podcast series and an evening at The Gaelic Club.

I’m producing a podcast about the musical communities that form around unique spaces in Sydney. The series involves heading out with a microphone trying to gauge what feels so interesting about some of the DIY, community and unregulated spaces in the city.

The first episode is about the sense of community shared between the Sydney punk scene and a few community clubs in the Inner West and inner city of Sydney.

It’s all about exchanging value other than money, and also contains a funny story about clashing cultures.

During the recording of this podcast I was able to hang out at the Gaelic Club which serves the Irish community of Sydney. Being there for the weekly traditional music session made me rethink my own heritage. I felt jealous that I didn’t have my own culture to explore – I knew I was English or Welsh but I wasn’t sure which.

Here are the gents who started the Irish National Association

All we seemed to have as Australians was the Aussie church AKA the sporting field or for some people: the pub. But even pubs we couldn’t do properly.

But, hanging out in this venue made me realise it doesn’t matter where you’re from, it’s where you’re at!

There are heaps of hidden things to do in Sydney that might make you rethink the city and yourself.

Have a listen to the episode below for a better idea of what kind of places I’m talking about and why they are so needed in a city.

Here it is!

And (!) head over to The Gaelic Club on a Friday night for their traditional music session and a pint of Guinness.