Is Saving Water Really That Gross?

It’s a scary thought; the day that we want to grab a glass of water, turn on the tap and nothing comes out.

For some people in regional New South Wales, this is not a thought; it’s very close to becoming a reality, with dams such as Burrendong Dam (which feeds a lot of the Central West’s water supply) expected to be empty by as soon as May next year.

Lake Burrendong in Central West NSW is expected to be empty by as soon as May next year. (Photo: ABC News)

Different regional towns are experiencing water restriction levels up to level 5, and as they search for solutions such as trucking water into regional towns, and digging below the surface for ground water, a lot of people are suggesting that the water we’ve already got is the answer to easing the pressure – recycling it, that is.

A lot of people find the thought of recycled water off-putting, as it comes from several different sources, including the water we use for sewerage. However, the benefits of using recycled water are enormous, including reducing drinking water usage by up to 40%.

One day we will be approached with the question; are we willing to hold our noses to save water? And if it doesn’t rain soon, we won’t end up having a choice.

To hear Cam & Danes chatting about all things recycled water, check out their catch up podcast on Audioboom.

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