ICC Scraps Controversial Rule, But It’s a Little too Late for NZ

Imagine playing probably the greatest game of One Day International cricket the world had ever seen. Imagine that game was for the World Cup. Imagine that at the end of the game you and the opposition couldn’t be separated. Then imagine the disgust you’d feel as the other team was awarded your sports biggest prize on an arbitrary technicality.

That’s the scenario the International Cricket Council is hoping to avoid again as they today changed the rule on how future World Cup matches would be decided.

After New Zealand, and cricket fans everywhere, were left dudded by the result in June’s World Cup final, the ICC has closed the loop hole that saw England crowned champions of the world.

Source: ICC

All matches will now be decided with repeated “Super Overs”, a tie-breaking device where both teams make the most runs they can in 6 balls, until a clear winner is decided.

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