Hugh Sheridan Addresses Rumours about His Sexuality

A topic long relegated to gossip columns, Hugh Sheridan has this weekend “[come] out as human” and confirmed he has had past relationships with both women and men.

In an interview for Stellar, the actor, who played Ben Rafter on Packed to the Rafters, said that early in his career he was advised not to confirm his same-sex attraction for fear of missing out on roles.

“The way it was explained to me was that women wouldn’t want to pay to see a movie or TV show if they knew they couldn’t have sex with the leading man. And it made me angry,” Sheridan told Stellar.

He said that living in lockdown had given him time to reflect on his life and identity.

Sheridan spoke of mental health issues that began when he left home aged 16 to attend the Australian Ballet School, and of the homophobic bullying that plagued his school years.

Joining the cast of Packed to the Rafters at 22 propelled Sheridan to national fame, and reading speculation about his personal life and sexuality hurt “a lot.”

“There have been some really hard times. I hope my story will eventually lead to people not wanting to “out” others.”

The full article was published on the Daily Telegraph.

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