HSC Review Calls For Big Changes

Mr Bean gets it

Let’s be honest for a second – doing your HSC is a terrible time. It requires an insane amount of rote learning and if your into the arts or horticulture your operating with a huge handicap. It separates the academic and the vocational on practically social lines and a stupid amount of pressure and emphasis is put on the results of the final exams.

There is some good news though! It looks like other people other than students are also thinking these things.

The NSW education system may be modernising after a review of the curriculum has called for the biggest changes in over thirty years.

The review has called for reduction of course numbers, taking the focus off of the end of year exams and the gradual merger of vocational and academic subjects.

The future of assessment might look more like a major project that is completed over the course of a year – analysing not only the ability to do the work but also teamwork and communication. Things that are actually so crucial in a work environment and make a job either bearable or literal hell.

Lets hope these recommendations actually happen.

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