How To Blow $500 on NFT’s Like A Dummy

Hey! Have you got a spare $500 lying around that you don’t need? Probably not, I mean that’s a lot of money, and could be used for something useful. But what If I told you, you could essentially throw all that away and have very little to show for it?

Well… You can! By simply buying a handful of NFT’s you can be just like NEXT Breakfast host Charlie Meller, and throw away a significant sum of money.

All you need to do, is purchase 6-10 cheep NFT’s -they only need to be about 3 dollars a piece- and Gas Fees will do the rest.

Open Sea is one of the largest NFT marketplaces

But what are gas fees? I hear you screaming from the top of your lungs. Well, whenever you make any kind of purchase involving crypto currencies, you have to pay gas fees. It’s an amount of money that covers the costs of crypto miners, using server space to mine block chain and produce the crypto currency we all enjoy. Don’t think that makes a whole lot of sense? Well neither did NFT genius extraordinaire Charlie Meller, when last night, he bought what he thought was $30 of NFT’s, but once you add in all the gas fees, ended up costing almost $500.

Catch the full clip of Charlie losing his money here:

Charlie accidentally spends all his crypto on NFTs

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