How Tahlia Stanton Used TikTok To Build Her Art Empire

21 year-old Tahlia Stanton doesn’t remember her life without painting. Her families first memories are watching her paint with both hands at 18 months old, a technique she still uses to this day. She has been selling painting since she was 15 years old but she has never seen success like that which she has achieved during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

At the start of this year, Tahlia was also working as a face painter to compliment her life as an artist. But when social restrictions took this livelihood away, she was forced to reassess her life as an artist and took a leap of faith that has catapulted her career. 

Her new found free time was spent investing in marketing and branding, through the social media platform TikTok, with her account building a community of nearly 250,000 followers.

Tahlia first experimented with the platform before using YouTube to teach herself more about video editing and how to make engaging content that would increase her engagement.

“Self-discovery, authenticity and the limitless nature of our lives is the driving force behind my work. I want the viewer to discover their passion and be daring in the pursuit of their most authentic selves.
Expressing vibrancy, freedom and the sublime, my goal is to offer a sanctuary for the viewer to reflect on themselves as beautiful, powerful and destined for greatness; and inspire them to take the reins as writer of their own story.”


Stanton had $20 to her name when she finished school but is now planning to hire employees, extend her work space and is sending her art all over the world every day.

For Tahlia’s full story, listen to her episode of Crushin It. You will be blown away at how long it took her to pay off a $10,000 printer…

Crushin’ It’ is a podcast where we talk to professionals who in COVID-19 have not just survived but thrived in business this year.

They share their story with us.

Airs 6:00pm, Monday – Wednesday – Friday.

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