Hey ScoMo, Remember That $250m Arts Grant You Gave Out? Where Has The Money Gone?

Four months ago, Scott Morrison announced plans for a $250 million rescue fund for the arts sector, which was deeply affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Great news? Absolutely! The only problem is that only $27 million of that money has been spent so far – and all of it has gone to films. So where is the rest of the cash and where is it being spent?

Yesterday a Senate estimates hearing was held in Canberra where this question was asked and originally, department bureaucrats were unable to provide an answer to this, nor to how much of the money had actually been spent. The decision has now come to that the rest of the money would be allocated in November, bringing it to five months that the money has remained untouched. But rest of the industry needs the cash!

Live music, live theatre, dance, comedy, VENUES!! All of these and more need to see the cash. So what’s the hold up? Why is it taking so long to divvy up this money? Hopefully we see answers from the government soon, before the arts sector dies out.

Carlee, a theatre maker and actor called in to Breakfast with Haylee and Rob today to discuss the matter.

If you’d like to check out the youth theatre organisation Carlee works for check out Shopfront Arts Co-op here. Carlee also has a drag show coming up, you can grab tickets here.

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