‘Here Out West’ is a ground-breaking film that reframes the Australian story.

‘Here Out West’ is a film about family and an authentic portrait of place written by eight young writers from Western Sydney. The story is based around a baby who is kidnapped from a Western Sydney hospital by a desperate grandmother which sets off a chain of events that brings together complete strangers over the course of one dramatic day


Nancy visits her daughter in hospital who has just given birth. Tagging along is her 8-year-old Lebanese neighbour, Amirah, who she is babysitting. It is a bittersweet meeting for Nancy, as her new grandchild is about to be taken away, her mother being deemed unfit by the authorities to keep her. In an act of desperation, Nancy makes the decision to steal the baby, fleeing from the hospital with Amirah by her side. Not long after their audacious escape, a pedestrian is involved in a hit and run. Three young men step in to help, unsure if he’ll survive the night. Across eight distinct yet interconnected stories, Nancy’s spontaneous flight sets off a chain of events that brings together complete strangers over the course of a day.

Bek and Jake spoke to one of the eight writers of the film, Bina Bhattacharya from Western Sydney on the breakfast show this morning. Listen to their chat below


Bina Bhattacharya is an award-winning filmmaker (Writer/Producer/Director) from Campbelltown in Sydney’s southwest. Bina was awarded Best Screenplay for her short film, Musings at Sydney’s Made in the West Film Festival, which also screened at the 2018 Melbourne Queer Film Festival. Her 2017 short film, Wild Dances won the Audience Choice Award at the Made in the West Film Festival as well as screening at festivals in the USA, Ukraine, Germany, Czech Republic as well as Mardi Gras Film Festival and Melbourne Queer Film Festival. Bina runs her own Production company, Gemme de la Femme Pictures, specialising in showcasing the talents of actors from diverse backgrounds. In 2018 Bina was one of five directors selected by the Australian Directors’ Guild (ADG) for the inaugural Diversity Showcase, produced with the backing of the Media Entertainment Arts Alliance Equity Foundation, the Australian Writers’ Guild, the ADG and Screen Australia. She was also sponsored by the ADG and Create NSW to attend Screen Forever 2018. Bina is the daughter of a Bengali Indian migrant father and a white-Australian mother and draws on her diverse cultural experiences into her artistic practice, decolonising filmmaking and challenging ideas around “high” and “pop” culture. She also works as a Producer – Emerging Artists at PYT Fairfield, western Sydney’s leading professional theatre company.

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