Hayden “Wings” – Western Sydney Rapper Turned Music Promo Boss

If you think of the Western Sydney music community, your likely to think of hip hop being at the forefront. Rapper Wings, has been at the centre point of Western Sydney’s rap community.

If you know your Aussie rappers, you’ve more than likely seen or heard Wings in multiple rap videos along side his successful Western Sydney rap crew together with known local rapper Lil Spacely.

After years of releasing rap songs and touring Australia, Wings learned the business of music, and decided to hang up his mic and delve into the world of artist and music promotions, launching his company “Take Flight AU”, dedicate to helping Australian and Western Sydney rap and hip hop artists promote their music.

Catch Wings On-Air on “Mornings With Helena” on Next FM, via your iHeart radio app starting Monday 25th Oct.


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