Going Bush: A New National Park For Western Sydney

Set to open early next year, Shanes Park promises to be a premier tourist destination. The national park will be one of the biggest urban wildlife restoration projects in the country providing protected habitat for rare and endangered species.

Covering 500 acres of bush between Penrith and Windsor it will be one of the states largest new national parks in over a decade. After the lockdown this year, there will be great demand for a world-class wildlife and conservation park.

The park will be one of seven predator-free national parks in the state to be bordered by specialist perimeter fencing currently under construction. The perimeter fence will help protect native species from ecological destruction of introduced species like foxes, cats, and rabbits; all part of the state’s zero extinction target for native species.

When the park opens next year it will be given an Aboriginal name by a local indigenous land council. All in all, it is exciting news for Western Sydney and will be a great destination for locals and tourists alike.

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