Getting Out Of Sydney This Weekend?

If you have a getaway planned for this weekend pay attention to these travel hacks!

1. DIY iPhone Speaker

(Source: CNet)

Put your phone downwards in a bowl and it’s just as effective as a speaker, cheaper too.

2. Dirty Laundry

(Source: Pexels)

When your traveling, keep a bar of scented soap in the same compartment as your dirty laundry. It will keep your clothes smelling fresh.

3. Pickle Your Vegetables!

(Source: Pexels JESHOOTS)

There’s nothing worse than jetting away for the weekend with vegetables in the fridge. Why not pickle them? Grab an old jam jar fill it up with sliced vegetables and add a bit of water, salt and apple cider vinegar. It will last you the whole week!

4. DIY Lamp

(Source: Unboxingexperience7)

Pop your iPhone light on and stick it under a water bottle and you’ve got a camp fire (sort of). Perfect for pre-drinks outside!

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