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China puts pork on their fork

The world’s pig population halved when China lost 200 million pigs to the African swine fever in 2018. As farmers in China have reached new heights in animal farming by keeping their pigs in multi-storey buildings in an attempt to fulfil their nation’s appetite for pork. 

China eats more meat than any other country with it’s population eating over 70 million tonnes of pork, poultry and beef annually, twice as much as the US. More than half of that is pork. Farmers have started developing methods, such as the high-rise farms, to keep up with supply and demand. 

Being dubbed ‘hog hotels’, they are built up to 15 storeys high and can house around one thousand pigs per floor and are being constructed on Yaji Mountain in Southern China. 

The buildings are being erected by privately owned agricultural company Guangxi Yangxiang Co Ltd. So far they have built two seven-floor operations and there are plans to put up four more, one of which will have up to 13 floors, making it the tallest building of its kind in the world. 

Similar operations have been tried in Europe. While some are still running, many of the attempted vertical farms have been abandoned due to difficulties with management and of negative public opinion towards large farms. 

China is determined to pull ahead of the rest of the world, industrialising one of the globe’s biggest herd of pigs as part of an ongoing effort to modernise its farms and create wealth in rural areas, as well as continuing to feed it’s hungry population.  

High-rise ‘hog hotels 

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