Fresh New King of Australian Hip-Hop?

2021 has been a huge year for rapper Baker Boy, he performed an electrifying show at the AFL Grand Final, was awarded an Order of Australia Medal, and dropped his debut album Gela which has reached number 1 on the Aria charts in its first week.

Known as the ‘fresh new prince’ by his friends in Arnhem Land, Baker Boy’s debut album could see him inaugurated as the ‘fresh new king’ of Australian hip-hop. The long-awaited album doesn’t disappoint. Every song has party potential: backed with bouncing beats and rapped over with an easy self-assured cadence. The albums sound ranges from RNB, classic hip-hop, bass dominant electronic, to 70s funk-inspired tracks.

Bilingual verse is a staple of Baker Boy’s sound as he switches effortlessly between English and Yolngu Matha an indigenous language from Arnhem Land. It’s a style of rap that we were first introduced to back in 2017 when Baker Boy released his hit single ‘Cloud Nine’ to critical acclaim. Not only is there something uniquely captivating about Baker Boys verse and cadence, but his incorporation of indigenous culture and langue send a powerful unifying message.

The album takes its name from Baker Boy’s skin name Gela. Skin names are part of indigenous kinship systems and are inherited at birth signifying familial ties and descendants. It is an important part of Bakers Boy’s identity and demonstrates the artistic and personal commitment that Bakers Boy holds to his music. In his own words: “…Gela is who I am, and it’s my story.”

Baker Boy will begin touring in April with a Sydney date set for the 1st of April at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville, you’d be a fool to miss it.

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