Free Tampons and Pads in Victorian State Schools

Victoria is rolling out free sanitary products such as pads and tampons, in state schools across the state. Following suit from New Zealand who also made the move to offer these products in schools, Victoria is the first state in Australia to make the move.

They’ve done this to relieve financial pressure for struggling families, but also to reduce the stigma surrounding menstruation.

Gabriella Williams, Victorian Minister said of this,  “We’re ensuring all girls in our public schools have access to pads and tampons when they need them, so they can focus on their studies.”

The decision was met with acclaim on social media, many praising the Dan Andrews government for taking the initiative to help the young women in their state. The premier said “This is about dignity, it’s about inclusivity.”

Haylee spoke about this topic today on the Lunch show, wishing that this had been made avaliable when she was in school.

Hear Haylee talk about this topic below.

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