Five Songs With Fun In The Title To Celebrate Your Friday Feels.

Is there any better feeling than a Friday afternoon? You’ve just tucked into an early lunch, you’re three coffees deep and you’re thinking about a cheeky post-lunch beer.

To make quitting time come that little quicker and to bring out your fresh Friday feels, here’s five fun songs:

Frenzal Rhomb have been taking-the-piss out of themselves and us since the early 90’s. This is them at their best.

Before The Stooges and Iggy Pop came onto the punk scene in the late 60’s, fun was just a vague and distant concept. They put guitars and vocals to work to record one of the earliest examples of having a good time.

Juliana Hatfield emerged as one of the 90’s smartest and sassiest songwriters. Her songs are a perfect blend of super crunchy hooks and self-aware lyrics and I’m excited to share this one with you.

You might know Bruce Willis best from his Die Hard days but did you know that in the late 80’s, before all his hair fell out, he recorded an R’N’B/pop album called The Return of Bruno? The album is pure poetry and wonderful in that accidental, so-bad-it’s-good kinda way.

Joan Jett is one of punk’s undisputed queens. For more than 40 years, she’s been performing music on her terms and making her own rules. This is Joan Jett at her finest.

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