Fancy visiting a Mosque?

National Mosque Open Day (NMOD) is an annual Australia-wide event that features several mosques across the nation simultaneously opening their doors to the public and inviting them to come in and explore their local mosque. Sydney’s West has load of mosques and last Saturday many of them were open to visitors.

Many of NEXT’s listener will be familiar with Lakemba and Blacktown mosques. What is great about both these places of worship is that they have fabulous architecture. But around both places of worship are a range of phenomenal food venues. National Mosque Open Day a chance dispel some myths and learn about some of the century old philosophies of the Muslim culture.

So after learning a bit about Islam – it is essential to have some great Halal food. Although you have missed this year’s event – diarise 2022 and follow the socials at National Mosque Open Day 

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