Fanboy Fitzy Stoked To Get A Photo With The NEXT Crew As They Crash Nova’s Party

Suits, dress and a sneaky plan.

Last night, Greg and Producer Brooke sneakily scored themselves tickets to Fitzy & Wippa’s Back To School Formal after entering a range of competitions for competing network stations.

A lover of games and being more competitive than necessary, the pair went undercover at the event with the intention of testing just how much love the radio industry has for AFTRS Radio and our station NEXT.

The challenge was set, and Brooke and Greg went for the big guns trying to record Nova employees talking about our station.

After a slow dance, and endless selfies in the Photo Booth, the pair teamed up and got to the King of Nova himself.

Turns out Nova’s Fitzy is a big fan of NEXT but Wippa got stage fright from our star power but controlled his nerves for a pic.

The Drive team are also attempting to break a Guinness World Record next week so tune in on iHeartRadio from 3-5.30pm.

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