European Handball Ditches Women’s Bikini Rule

The International Handball Federation (IHF) has changed the regulations on women’s uniforms which will allow female players to wear shorts.

The rule was changed following immense backlash from global pundits after the Norwegian women’s beach handball team were fined over AUD$2300 for wearing shorts at the European Beach Handball Championship in July.

Outrage reached fever pitch when US pop star P!nk tweeted her support for the team and offered to pay the fine in protest of the rule.

Australian Talitha Stone, who lives in Norway, decided to begin a petition to change the rules on female uniforms.

“Why should female athletes be punished for wearing an outfit which is functional and practical?” Stone wrote in her online petition. “As well as unwanted comments and sexual harassment”?

Sports ministers from Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Iceland all wrote an open letter to the IHF, demanding an update to change the dress regulations.

The rules have changed to now allow women to wear a “body fit tank and tight shorts”.

Stone said the move by the IHF was long overdue but more needs to be done to fix the double standards in uniform.

“In the future, it would be amazing to see the words body fit and tight removed altogether…but we really need to celebrate this win so thank you so much to everyone who signed and shared the petition.”

Over 61,000 people signed Stone’s petition.

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