Drive With Brooke & Bertie

Brooke and Bertie are a blast! Forget being run down by life- throw all your problems right out the window. Everybody has issues. Let’s face it. But at least for 3 hours a day you can pocket them because Brooke and Bertie will make sure you get a good belly laugh in before the day is out.  

We take on the serious issues of the day but throw some colour into them like a pro hart painting. Scomo, Gladys and her merry bunch of men, Covid, and crisis, all the sewage spewing out of from the media each day, every issue you can think off – gets a good going over. We take the bull by the horns.

This dynamic duo is exclusive to Next, broadcasting live from 3-6pm each weekday.

Wednesday’s Listen Back

Space Chat, Clinial Trials and Confusing Food Combinations

Tuesday’s Listen Back

The Social Dilemma, Ultimate Real Estate Flops and What’s Grinding Our Gears