Drama in Yokohama

The Japanese Rugby team, the Brave Blossoms, has made history at the Rugby World Cup this weekend after they beat Scotland 28-21 in Yokohama. The hard-fought win sees them make it past the knockout stages for the first time ever. They will take on the Springboks in the quarterfinal at Tokyo Stadium on Sunday.

Source: World Rugby

The packed stadium went wild as they witnessed Japan hold on during the second half when Scotland came storming back into the contest. The Scots managed to score 14 points in just seven minutes, but it wasn’t enough. 

Source: BBC

Japan’s captain, Michael Leitch, dedicated the game to those suffering because of the typhoon sweeping through Japan.

Source: BBC

“It was more than just a game for us – there was talk this game may not happen – so our heart goes out to everyone that’s suffering tonight with the typhoon” Leitch said.