Dine-in at Volcanos

Volcanos is a new steak and grill restaurant in Blacktown that’s located on Level 4 of Westpoint. What once used to be a Hogs Breath Cafe turned into this fine dining experience for families, friends, etc. First impressions wise, this restaurant means business. They have 2 lines, one for those with reservations and the other for those walking in. And just looking at the exterior, the restaurant wants to immerse you in a brand new experience due to the fancy bright lighting, furniture, and customer service.

Once sent to the table, we’re presented with leather-bonded food and drink menus. The food options vary from salads, steaks, pasta, ribs, seafood, etc. It is large portions however so better have a really empty stomach. We’ve been told that wait times may last from 15-40 minutes depending on the order so you have to be very patient. But there will be times where the food arrives in time.

When it comes to the food, it does taste good. But in some dishes, there will be a lot on your plate so you better have a big appetite. But the way it’s cooked, taste, and presented, it’s something unforgettable.

Should you go to Volcano’s – yes if you have company with you. This experience isn’t something you should do alone. It’s best to come with a group.

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