Dentist reveals a technique to avoid getting a double chin in photos

A double chin can be a problem for any person big or small, but now a dental surgeon has revealed a technique called ‘mewing’ that could change your life!

Have you ever been lying in bed, opened the front facing camera and recoiled in horror!

There’s a reason why people take photos from above – its the dreaded double chin! And anyone can have one.

Well, a dentist has shared his secrets on TikTok about a technique called ‘mewing’.

Essentially what you do is close the mouth, ensuring the bottom teeth are behind the top teeth, then flatten the front and back of the tongue as much as possible to the roof of the mouth.

This pulls up the chin and creates definition!

Apparently it’s what celebrities do and thousands of users tried it, showing that 100% of the excess fat under the chin disappears in seconds.

While the trend shows how to get rid of your double chin in photos, the mewing technique may also be able to help ‘gain full genetic potential’ in your facial features by moving the position of the tongue and teeth if performed over long periods of time. 


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