‘Crushin’ It’ is a podcast where we talk to professionals who in COVID-19 have not just survived but thrived in business this year.

They share their story with us.

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In this Crushin It episode we hear from street artist Adam Halley-Prinable a.k.a. NahM8, whose solo operation painting abstract art on garage doors has gone from strength to strength throughout Covid-19. Adam guides us through his creative process, outlines his trajectory of working-for-free to commissioned artist and offers his musings on art, life and success.

In this Crushin It episode we get a glimpse into Australia’s funniest “isolation” gift box thanks to master minds Twista Bros, better known for their famous spiral potato on a stick.

In this Crushin It episode we get a glimpse into Australia’s Award Winning Fairy Floss; Fluffy Crunch. We explore just how this small-time business is thriving throughout the pandemic and has turned things around in the sweetest way! 

In this Crushin It episode we learn about how 21-year-old artist, Tahlia Stanton, has used TikTok to create a new brand identity for herself as an artist. Her business has been able to grow through COVID as she finally had time to dive into her creative pursuits.

In this episode of Crushin’ It we hear from Lizzie Bland, the founder of Lean Bean Fitness, a boutique gym who saw it’s share of challenges during the coronavirus lockdown. Listen in to hear how the gym made the transition to a virtual space whilst keeping their personal and boutique feel alive, eventually gaining an international audience and dedicating an entire studio just to their online gym classes.